Monday, January 24, 2011

oh henri

once again, my beautiful friend Melia has returned home with gifts from New York! And may I remind her once again, this is HER birthday week (a lovely party is in the making, much deserved....:)

this amazing brown & turquoise 'disturbed stripe' keyfob from Henri Bendel along with a gorgeous grey pair of uniqlo cargo skinny's!! Seriously, right?! She is such a giving friend, I hope everyone has a friend like Melia in their life. I can't wait to celebrate her on her birthday this friday! 

brown & white stripes+brown & white polka dots=classic perfection
love the detail of the hardware
such a rich combination of colors. makes me smile when searching for my keys (:



  1. what a sweet and thoughtful friend! love the details of the ring. and those colors and fabric. lush!

  2. me= super jealous. :)

    That's so sweet, and boy look at that wrapping! Gotta love the detail...

    xoxo Rachel @