Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sarah Tucker Travel Photography

Let me tell you about a precious friend named Sarah Tucker. She literally is the sweetest, smartest & most gorgeous gal around. On top of that, she gets to travel to the most beautiful places on earth with her hubby and still thinks of others first by taking the most stunning images for everyone to experience for themselves. A must read is her blog Fairy Tales Are True (you will immediately favorite) & some exciting news is that she has opened up her very own etsy shop, Sarah Tucker Travel Photography, where you can purchase her artwork for yourself!!!! There is no possible way you will be anything less than thrilled and in awe of the beauty she manages to capture. Thank you Sarah for bringing so much love to the world, we are so lucky! 






  1. Awww i love you Krista!!

    I think YOU are the sweetest, smartest, most gorgeous girl around! (:

    Annnnd Thank you so much for your postcard from Hawaii - it was so nice to come home to. You're the best!